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7 essential steps on how to write an essay

Writing a good essay can take you very far in many fields. Essays are parts of almost all applications and there are some basic guidelines, which is followed can significantly enhance the quality of your essay. Presenting the essay in a comprehensive manner without muddling up your thoughts is essential for driving home the point you’re trying to make. Here are some basic steps that you must follow on how to write an essay step by step:

  1. Choosing the topic
    Do your research thoroughly before writing the essay so that you have insights into all perspectives about the topic. Choose a perspective that hasn’t been done too many times so that your essay sticks out in the crowd. Choose a topic which you are passionate about and which you’d enjoy writing about. Narrow it down to more streamlined concept so that you can take a proper stand.
  2. Title
    The title should be gripping while giving away the basics of what you plan to write about. Taking a look at newspaper titles can help you get an idea. It should not be boring or too long. It should be striking and should not be too vague either. You can write the title after you’ve finished the whole essay as you’ll be better versed with it then.
  3. Introduction
    The introduction should give a clear idea of what you plan to write about with an outline of what you will touch upon in the essay and a basic sketch or outline of the essay.
  4. Outline for the body
    Write down all your ideas and thoughts in point form and make sure you have the basic outline about which point you will include in which paragraph. Sort out your ideas in a coherent manner. Make sure you are not being too repetitive. Make the flow of ideas logical and comprehensive.
  5. Arguments
    Make sure you present your case well and argue your point well. Pick out points from your opposition and break those down to defend your stand on the issue. A thorough research is necessary for this.
  6. Language
    Do not use very flowery language with unnecessary adjectives and description. Stick to the point. Do not divert from the topic.
  7. Conclusion
    All good essays should have a good conclusion that joins up all the dots. The conclusion should state your purpose of the essay in the most point blank manner possible and drive home the point.

Essays are important for all and writing one that is impressive is not very difficult if you follow steps in writing a good essay as elucidated above. Avoid all kinds of grammatical errors and keep your sentences short. A good presentation with well divided paragraphs is essential for a good essay. Keep your mind calm and do your research well before writing your essay.