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Key things to narrative essay writing: create an excellent paper

A good narrative essay is one that talks about a flow of events or an experience without summing it all up. It lets the reader draw his/her own conclusion without blatantly putting it in words. Narrative essays are generally real life incidents, narrated from a personal point of view. These tips will help you write narrative essays better.

  • Usually written in first person, the flow of emotions is very important. You need to articulate your feelings of happiness, surprise, sadness and everything else into words.
  • Sensory perceptions described with adjectives also help build the mood of your narrative essay.
  • Clarity of words is important. If you use too many complicated terms, the reader will not be able to feel the circumstances that you are trying to describe. Break down big sentences and present your idea well.
  • Chose the important bits and describe those parts in thorough detail. The other parts should be summed up without dragging on the narration unnecessarily. Describe scenes which have direct significance in your tale.
  • Create drafts and re-read them yourself to see if you as a reader find it engaging and interesting.
  • The introduction of a narrative essay is different from others and should not give away the main plot points or the subject matter.
  • The conclusion too, should be a high point of the essay where you build up the climax and not a general summing up of events.
  • Use interesting words and idioms or the language that you used in normal communication of the event.
  • Use first person always instead of second person narrative as it makes the narrative more gripping.
  • Limit references as narrative essays are generally personal experiences. If a piece of writing has helped, incorporate that as a way of talking in the writing rather than adding it as a footnote.

The best narrative essay example will be a recollection of an incident but will allow the reader to live that experience through your writing. It should have descriptions of the setting and the mood and should have a continuous flow of events without skipping parts which will leave the reader confused. Follow the above tips and you will be able to write a good narrative essay.