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Top Answers to Questions On How To Write Argument Essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step

A lot of people, who believe that it is easy to learn the art of argumentation are only to be disappointed. Writing an argumentative essay can sometimes be challenging as it requires you to carefully assess an argument of a particular subject topic, infer propositions, and prove that your argument is true. Given all that, it’s important to come up with an effective technique. First you must plan out your parts of an argumentative essay with five paragraphs: an introduction, a three part body, and a conclusion. Use an enticing intro that intrigues the reader. Use three main points in the body to explain your point of view, but you need to plan ahead for any probable counterarguments. Address those accordingly by providing adequate support for your original argument. Wrap things up by summarizing the significance of your arguments in the conclusion.

How to Start an Argumentative Essay

Before you decide what topic to discuss or what your view is, you must first understand what is an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is a form of writing that allows you to express your reasoning, make inductions, and draw a conclusion based on your research. They include claims, counterclaims, reasons, and evidence. Proceed with a logical, calculated approach to your topic to make it sound.

In any other writing assignment, your introduction is nearly as important as your overall argument. So you should begin with a compelling introduction to get your reader interested in the topic. Make sure that it’s significant and highly relevant to the argument. You can state your thesis and follow into the body of your article by discussing the significance of the topic.

What is a Claim in an Argumentative Essay and How to Write it

Learning how to make a claim is essential to argumentative essay structure. In every argument you must have a main point; something that you think is true based on your knowledge and research. That main point is the claim. In writing your claim, keep in mind the other elements of an argumentative essay as you may need to choose your claims based on the strength of your counterarguments or counterclaims. Once you’re ready, develop your point of view by focusing your argument on your claim. The body of your statement should revolve around your claim and the rest of your thesis should serve as support and evidence.

Is it Really Necessary to Prepare for Criticism or Counterarguments?

While the main focus of your essay is your claim, it is also important to understand what is a counterclaim in an argumentative essay and how to include it in your statement. Including a counterargument in your essay proves that you have researched your topic from an opposing perspective. Think about questions that people who oppose your claim would ask and then prepare appropriate rebuttal statements. Refuting a counterclaim demonstrates that you have a deep knowledge of what you have written about, so it’s definitely a necessity.

How to Write a Good Hook for an Argumentative Essay

Just like the attention grabbing addition to your introduction that serves to grab your reader’s interest, addressing your introduction at the end of your argumentative essay will create an impact and satisfaction for your reader by demonstrating that you have covered all points that you originally outlined. This can serve as your hook or the point of your essay where the reader can really gain some perspective on your angle.

Your conclusion should reiterate the significance of your claim by using a hook that ties things together. Think about general argumentative essay format and how to connect everything together in one clever sentence that is easy to understand. That’s an excellent way to create a hook. If you need extra help creating your hook or any other part of your essay, visit writing services reviews page and hire an expert academic helper at an easily affordable price.