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The Answer to the Most Common College Essay Questions Students Ask

How to Write a Good College Essay

Do you have an upcoming paper assignment? Don’t worry, writing an outstanding college essay can be simple if you use the following college essay tips. First of all, you will need something to talk about at length. You should choose a topic that you are already knowledgeable in to ease the writing process. Something that you feel passionate about will also be much easier to write a paper on. A great paper makes the reader feel something, whether it be admiration, pride, appreciation, fascination, or any other reaction. If your reader simply glazes over while reader your paper because it fails to appeal to them in any way, then your paper will have no impact on them, so do use ethos as a tactic.

How to Start a College Essay

Your introduction should be relatively short and sweet. It should give the reader a reason to continue reading. One way of doing that is to promise the reader the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the topic with the unique observations you are sharing. You should say it in your own way, but the general message can be that they have something to gain from reading the rest of your paper. There are plenty of other methods, but this is one of the most effective for college essays that worked.

How to Head a College Essay

The header should consist of your name, the page number (for example pg. 1 of 4), and depending on the style used or professor’s preferences, it may also include the title of the paper. No other information is needed for the header.

How to Write a College Essay Format

The format of a college essay can vary depending on your professor’s instructions, but most tend to use the five paragraph format. The five paragraph approach consists of an introduction, a three paragraph body, and a conclusion. In the introduction, you can explain what the paper is about and give a concise summary of each main point that will be discussed in your paper. Each of the following three paragraphs should be based on one of these three main points. The conclusion should bring things back around full circle by summarizing what new knowledge you have given the reader and why it’s significant. APA, MLA, or even Chicago style may be used depending on your professor.

How Long Should My College Essay Be?

Your professor will most likely give you a range for the length, but as long as your finished product falls somewhere in between your designated range, you will be fine. A typical range, however, is 500-1000 words. That gives you plenty of room to work with.

How to Start a College Application Essay

If you’re writing the essay for the purpose of applying to a university, vocational school, or community college, you’ll want to start out by stating why you want to attend their school and how it can benefit you.