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Persuasive Essay Questions & Answers

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays have one of two possible goals, convince the reader that they should take action, or convince them that they should subscribe to your side of a conflict. Persuasive essay structure is virtually the same for each one. But before you begin writing, you should plan out what you’re going to say in your essay, point by point. Having a skeleton to build from will allow you to know exactly what to do next when you finish a paragraph or section of your paper.

How to Start a Persuasive Essay

One of the most significant parts of a persuasive essay is the introduction. It needs to be interesting enough to gain the attention of the reader. If the persuasive essay introduction falls flat, the reader might not be obliged to even read the rest. You need to sell your topic in the introduction, so to speak. Starting with a shocking fact, an incredible true story (keep it concise), or an intriguing question or dilemma should get the reader’s gears turning and force them to create their own opinions on your topic right from the start. This is good because then you can begin to address concerns on both sides of the issue and explain in full detail why your side is right.

What is the Purpose of a Persuasive Essay

As mentioned above, the whole point of a persuasive essay is to incite action or create new opinions. The reader must at the very least see the logic behind your arguments and be able to find them credible. That’s why counterarguments are so important. Your approach needs to be rock solid, otherwise, you may fall victim to detrimental criticism in the minds of your reader. Persuade in an appropriate way that won’t be vulnerable.

How to Conclude a Persuasive Essay

In accordance with the best persuasive essay format, your conclusion should tie everything together neatly by reiterating your thesis and how your main points support it. You may also choose to give some advice or recommendations for action in your closing statement. Now that you’ve convinced the reader that your side is right, what should they do about it?

What is a Good Topic for a Persuasive Essay?

Topics for persuasive essays often stem from social issues. Politics is a common choice, as well as economics, the environment, and safety issues. If you choose a topic that is important to you, your paper will be far easier to write than if you simply choose something that you consider easy to write about. The best writers review the topic they’re considering before beginning to write because it’s important to make sure that the topic is suitable for the assignment. If you need any help deciding on a topic or even writing the entire paper, this professional writing services list. Each of our writers has been professionally trained to compose essays like yours. Feel free to contact us immediately to start getting high-quality help at a low price.