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 In search of good definition essay topics

As the name suggests, definition essays are essentially essays which define a particular word or subject. Some words like tree or book are easily definable but some others like love and trust are more complex. An extended definition essay aims at simplifying these words which are vaguer and need more subject matter when it comes to defining them. Definition essays often encompass a lot of the writers on personal thoughts on the topic. Choosing a topic for a definition essay might be a complex task at first but follow these tips to make your work simpler.

  • Choose a topic that is vague but you have a good grasp upon.
  • Focus on your life’s most personal experiences and choose w topic that might reflect those. These might include the loss of a dear one, a friend who betrayed you or a relationship.
  • Choose the anecdotes you would like to include as they enhance the quality of your essay and also go a long way in driving home the point you’re trying to make.
  • Be well versed with the topic you want to write on.
  • While choosing a topic figure out how you’d want to approach it. Defining by function would mean you write about how the thing works. Defining by structure would mean writing about how it is organised. Defining by analysis would mean a comparative study of the subject with similar of its kind. But for the third kind, you must stick to comparison with topics that bear a clear relation with the one you have chosen as your main one.
  • Collect data, anecdotes, thoughts and feelings and jot those down point wise. Then decide which ones you will include in which paragraph and then start writing.

Essentially, in a definition essay, you are writing about what the term is. Do not get lost in the process and go on to related terms. Focus on the term itself and try to present different perspectives on that it. The more viewpoints you include, the better your essay is. Writing an extended definition essay will be an easy task if you can collect and organise your thoughts and present it in a comprehensive manner.